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Videos to help you improve your car knowledge.


This video covers all 21 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions used during the Practical Driving Test.

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Learning to drive is a big milestone in your life and you want to make sure that you choose the right type of car to learn in. Traditionally manual transmission cars have been the most popular choice - but with the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles, automatic cars are becoming more popular. This video will help you understand the differences between learning to drive in cars with automatic and manual gearboxes, so you can decide which is best for you.


A satellite navigation system can help you plan your route and drive to your destination easily. However, if used incorrecly the Sat-Nav could become a distraction and increase the risk of an accident. This video can help you enjoy the benefits of a Sat-Nav whilst staying safe.


There are many different lights on a car, and they all serve different purposes. Some lights are to help us see ahead, some are there to help others see us, and some are there to help us communicate. In this video we will show how we use our car's lights effectively to stay as safe as possible, without causing any unecessary confusion or danger.


A thick frost in the morning can look pretty, but it's a pain to deal with before driving to work. It is illegal to drive a car without a clear view through every window, so this video shows a quick and easy de-icing method, so you can get away as soon as possible.

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